25 / Monster

by Garbage Days

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#2 in our series of split singles.

Artwork and mixing by Sean Gibat furious.tumblr.com


released November 19, 2011



all rights reserved


Garbage Days Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Gatorade bottle full of piss

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Track Name: Spirit Night - 25
It's not too late to change your life,
Tuck in your shirt and drop the knife.
I turned 25 yesterday,
Gifted a weight across my chest.
I haven't grown in any way,
But look at all that I have left.
I want to become a machine,
Present my feelings on a screen,
Operate so efficiently--
I'm sick of always breaking down.
Tied up in flesh, I'm never free--
The muscles that it takes to frown
Or make a sound.
Don't make a sound now.
Don't make a sound.
Don't make a sound.
Track Name: David F. Bello - Monster
In the morning, everyone was happy. It was raining, but no one minds. But by 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the house was floating away.

In the evening, I wore black. I picked up the foods and I beat up the dudes and I got right out the back.


We know it all.

I can see the light, eternal life flows from your fingers. On this holy night, you are his wife only in name. Pay to see the man who leads the band of all these stupid, rich singers.

With my hand in my wallet and my eyes on the words, I didn't look at the numbers. No one knows I'm a monster, but I am. No one knows. No one knows that I am one.